5 SEO Tips for Attorneys and Law Firms

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So your law firm has a website, but it isnt creating critical Internet traffic or possible leads. What gives? Well, Google might not be exhibiting your webpage really high on their search results. Considering that the common Internet user doesnt click past the first page of search results, many prospective clients might not really be seeing your web page! Thus we find the importance of attorney SEO and other web marketing services.


A lot of people will say to advertise on Google using pay-per-click, ensuring youre at least listed as an advertisement when someone searches for a lawyer in your town. Nonetheless, this really is actually just throwing money at the situation, something that isnt ideal for smaller law firms. So, what else are you able to do to address this problem?


The answer lies in Search Engine Marketing, or SEO. SEO can radically improve how high up the search results your web site will show, by simply making your site more visible to the bots which crawl the web and index your site. The better these bots understand your web site and what search terms should link to your web site, the better off your PageRank and placement will likely maintain relevant search results.


Our Top 5 SEO suggestions for Lawyers:


Create a list of relevant search terms you want to target. Start with a list of about 20 search terms. Think of the services you offer, the place youre in, and clearly dont forget the fact youre a attorney or law firm.


Narrow down these search terms. Use Google Analytics to find the most widely used of your search terms, and focus on the most notable two or three. A targeted keyword will be longer and specific, including Insolvency Attorney in Miami, FL.


Make sure your web pages contain these terms. Make use of them in the title and occasionally in the content. For those who have images posted in your website, make sure that the picture name and description can be useful.


Have good backlinks. These backlinks contain reviews, so be sure to request happy clients to leave a review in your favored review service. Yelp is the most evident review site, however there are other websites, some of which are only for attorneys. Do some research to determine where both you along with your adversaries are being reviewed the most.


Dont create negative SEO or anything that will hit you back later on. You might have heard the expression, negative PR is still good PR! Well, this isnt like that. Google will down rate your results, and perhaps even temporarily remove you from their results for grievous violations. Examples of negative SEO are duplicate content from various other websites, duplicate web pages in your own personal website, and backlinks from lousy sites. Dont make an effort to compose your keywords 50 times in your page, because Google will see you trying to game the system, and certainly will punish you for this.


Hopefully, these SEO suggestions for attorneys are going to help improve your site, resulting in increased traffic and lead generation. As you can see, SEO for law firms is crucial and it should be one of the main things that you do in your marketing campaigns.


Have any more suggestions for all of the attorneys out there? Leave your own personal SEO strategies for attorneys in the comments below.

How Bankruptcy Led Me to Joey Crews

Joey Crews







Today was a stressful day for me. Filing for bankruptcy was not an easy decision. I used to be one of the successful businessmen in Anniston. I own a store that offers a huge array of dry goods. Business was doing great. I have like 50 employees and they were all properly compensated. In fact, I always give performance bonus every time we hit our quota for the day. My business was doing great for five years and in fact, it was able to purchase several properties because of my business – the house that I am living in right now, my car, my private beach resort, they were all the fruits of my business.

It was in the year 2014 when I started to feel the effect of recession. Business was not as fruitful as before. In fact, there are many times when we were not hitting our target sales for the day. There are breakeven days too. I was contemplating whether to continue the business and continue losing money or just totally shut down and declare bankruptcy. I can no longer sustain the expenses of my business. There are even times when the salary of my employees was delayed. I can no longer pay for the utility bills. My suppliers kept on hunting me because of unpaid transactions. The whole year was an exhausting and frustrating year. I can’t afford to lose my business because more than the profit, it has brought so many good things to me. There are a lot of memories to it. It made my life productive. It helped me and my family in so many ways. Now, I just don’t have a choice but to let it go. I filed for bankruptcy and it was a bittersweet experience for me.

I want to start anew. I met with Joey Crews, Anniston’s best real estate agent, because I am planning to sell my property there. I will use the money to pay my personal debts and the remaining money will be used to start a small business. Thankfully, the real estate agent that handled my transactions lived up to his reputation as the best in the business. He was very professional and was helpful to me in many ways. He asked for the legal documents and has my properties listed. Now, I have two prospect buyers. The agent assured me that he will do the best he can to sell my property at a favourable price. I couldn’t thank him enough for helping during this tough time of my life.

As they say, there will always be good times, bad times and worse times. I have reached my worse, so I am confident that from hereon, as long as I play my cards right and learn from my past mistakes, I will be able to rise above the rubbles and come back stronger. I may have to surrender some of the things that I worked so hard for, but I still have myself and my passion and drive, and no amount of bankruptcy can take that away from me.

From Bankruptcy to MyWebPal

People do not usually believe it, but I can testify that there is truth to the notion that behind every success story is a story of loss, struggle, hardships, and yes, bankruptcy.

While this does not happen for every successful person out there, it does happen to some, and I am able to hear those stories every once in a while, especially as a lawyer who handles bankruptcy cases.

One particular story is of a man from Atlanta, Georgia, who filed for bankruptcy for his water damage restoration company because he was not able to keep up with the demands of his market, as well as surpass his competition.

He admitted to me that he jumped at the business at a very premature way, which was why it almost came as no shock when he started struggling to get it going, until finally, it was just too much and it was going deeper and deeper in financial crisis that he could no longer find any way to save it, except file for bankruptcy.

Hearing these kinds of stories are really sad, and I have to deal with them with my everyday work. Seeing people strive hard to make their businesses succeed, only to fail because of difficult circumstances, brings out an everyday negative vibe.

But if there is one thing I also love about this job, it is the fact that it also has its fair share of survival stories, as well as stories of people who found a way to rise from their falls.

I managed to meet with the same client after two years during a convention, and there I was able to ask him how he was doing. He told me that he was doing great, and he has ventured into another business that is slowly reaching the success he has been striving for.

He has ventured into the online business and created a website called MyWebPal – Water Damage Atlanta. I found it very wise, indeed, because he still found a way to continue using his knowledge and skills in water damage, but instead of creating another restoration company, he mustered all that knowledge into creating a reputable website that provides help for people in a far wider scope. He not only provides information on water damage issues but also provides a list of reputable service companies that can help address these issues. Truly, he is an embodiment of “never say never.” He may have failed, but he found a way to rise from that failure and come out even stronger.

His story is something I always relay to my clients, as I hope to show them that despite a very large setback in their lives in the form of their bankruptcy, it will never be too late to start fresh and strive better at their next attempt at success.



Hardships of Dealing With Bankruptcy


Image Credit: agonist.org

Being raised in a fairly comfortable life, I would have never known how hard life can be until my parents’ business went bankrupt and I went so broke. For twenty years, money had never been an issue in the family. The business handled by my parents went so well. When there was a global economic crisis, our business was severely affected.

At the age of 24, I realized that the future can be uncertain. If I have to turn back time, I should have learned to save much and never used credit cards. As I watched my parents went through bankruptcy, I was also struggling with my own credit card debts. What made the problem more critical was I had to deal it alone. It’s because acquiring three credit cards was out of their knowledge. They had warned me before not to get more than one credit card. I never listened to them as I was confident with our prospering life.

I had to do two kinds of jobs to pay my debts. I worked full time handling a supervisory position in a company and worked part time as a college instructor. I learned how to discern about a want and a need every time I have to spend a part of my income. I felt the need to embark on a low-key lifestyle. It was embarrassing but it was a humbling experience.

It was kind of distressing to see the look in my parents’ worn out faces. I knew they were dealing with sleepless nights and sometimes a loss of appetite. My Dad lost 20 pounds even he gave up golfing. But he seemed happier with his new weight. Seeing his wrinkled smile gave me hope and relief. I think he was effortlessly teaching me how to be always positive about life through leading an example. He normally went through anxieties and sleepless nights but he never thought of succumbing to alcohol to forget his problems. I was glad that we can still laugh and enjoy each other’s company even in the trying times.

I could not believe I was able to hurdle the turn of events. I learned that I could be happy in simple things like street food and a new dress from a bargain sale. I became content when shopping without swiping a credit card. This crucial change got me a new perspective about life and the people around me. I felt more empathetic when I see a homeless person in the street.  I knew the feeling of living with less. When I would arrive home from work, I could see my parents relaxing in the family den. It was something I never got to witness when we still had the family business because work and pressure ate a lot of their time. We got to spend more time together at home.

Thinking about all the changes we went through as a family, I surmise the bankruptcy of our business was a blessing in disguise. It made me a more humble and compassionate person.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

downloadIf you have been injured due to an accident because of a reckless person who was responsible for it, and you had nothing to do with it, you need someone who will protect and save you from this injury. You need a personal injury lawyer to help you get things settled and get the right justice for it. The lawyer will serve you and help you with the case for you to get a fair settlement from the person responsible for it especially from the insurance company who is assigned to this.

Objectives of the Case

Getting the right compensation is what you should need for you to settle the damaged and injuries you are suffering. One of the goals in settling the case of your injury is to get enough and right payment for the damages it had caused you. Another goal is to put back what you have that was taken away from you because of the injury. For example, when you get injured, you will be away from work. Although your company will give you a good sick leave and compensation, you need the right funds for you to support your family because you will never know how this injury can further damage the needs of your family.

Personal Injury Lawyers

images (2)You need to right away call a personal injury lawyer to help and support you in everything you need especially in having a fair settlement. If you don’t ask help from a lawyer right away, there will be a chance that the insurance company will abuse you and will not give the right settlement for the injury. The insurance company will have the chance to put your life at risk without a settlement.

Responsibilities of A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are the right people to manage your case. They specifically studied laws about personal injury. They got the right knowledge, training and experience to help you in your needs from the injury you had. It is best to choose the right personal injury lawyers to handle things you need.

4 Things to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you want to hire an attorney to handle your bankruptcy problems, ideally he or she will give you a legal advice to discuss and handle your case from the start to finish. In this article, we’ll discuss about some of the most common types of services you can get from your bankruptcy attorney.

Expectations in A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Usually, you need to get an agreement from the lawyer to discuss with you your bankruptcy case. There should be a contract that you provide for him or her to sign that he or she is well equipped with knowledge to help you in your case. In that article, there should be objectives or goals set to accomplish at the end of the trial that you and your attorney should follow. Now, what are the basic things you need to expect from your bankruptcy lawyer. Here, below are some of it.

Legal Advice

It is the lawyer’s job to offer you knowledge in handling your bankruptcy case, that he or she is suitable in providing you with a competent legal advise as the case is going on. If you want your lawyer to teach you with important knowledge about bankruptcy, he or she must be ready for that. If you have further questions about your case, he or she should have answers to that.

Handling the Case

Your bankruptcy lawyer must walk you through in the process of the case and he or she must be excellent in providing you with the laws that are necessary in the process of bankruptcy. There are local court rules that you must be oriented so that you will not be confused along the process of the case. One of the most important thing is that your lawyer should be able to provide you the knowledge of the case through stating his or her experience in the case. He or she must have that reliable experience to share in helping you handle your bankruptcy case.

Filing the Required Documents

If you have filed your bankruptcy petition, you are expected to hand in important documents that are required from you by the court. Your lawyer must be very quick on this for you not to miss filing any documents required by the court. You cannot allow missing any deadline because the court will take it against you.

These are some of the crucial things you need to know about your bankruptcy lawyer, if you were able to discuss all these items to him or her, then you are now ready to solve your case with his or her help.

Expect the Best from Your Bankruptcy Layers

Bankruptcy attorneys are often the ones who benefit from a tough economy these days. However, most of their clients, whom know nothing or a little about its process are usually the ones at a loss when it comes to getting help them who are experts in it. Several creditors that are closing in that have ongoing desperation for bankruptcy cases foolishly select a bankruptcy attorney, which is based on their professional fees. They pay for an advertisement or, worst of all, there are no criteria at all given to the clients. Most of these attorneys just ask their clients for money and the rest is the clients’ problem to solve their cases. However, if there concerned people who want to help the clients who are in need of an excellent lawyer, they must learn the basic steps in selecting the right one for them.

Attorneys Who Do their Work

These bankruptcy attorneys should do the work they are paid for by their clients. They have to submit every detail that their clients need in the whole process of bankruptcy case. Although it’s a simple thing that lawyers must put in their mind, there are some who just want money from their clients. There are steps to avoid that. Firstly, you need to have a contract that you and your lawyer must sign. The contract must be witnessed by an expert so that it will be checked if your lawyer provided you the details you need. It’s important that the money you paid for has value to the whole process of the case.

An Expert Bankruptcy Lawyer

The lawyer you selected must have the diplomas every licensed lawyer has and that he or she should already have an experience in handling this case. If he or she is a novice, he or she must present you with the qualifications that he or she is suitable and right to handle you case. Bankruptcy cases take time and money, so it’s best to put everything on the table so that your lawyer will help you all throughout the process.

A Good Relationship With Your Lawyer

Although it may sound a bit personal, you need to establish a good relationship with your lawyer. In this way, you will have not a hard time telling him your problems for him or her to help you with the whole process. Of course, that relationship must be professional and he or should respect that.

Bankruptcy lawyers are important to handle you case and it’s best to know your expectations first from them for you to have a smooth relationship with him or her with regards to the case handled.