5 SEO Tips for Attorneys and Law Firms

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So your law firm has a website, but it isnt creating critical Internet traffic or possible leads. What gives? Well, Google might not be exhibiting your webpage really high on their search results. Considering that the common Internet user doesnt click past the first page of search results, many prospective clients might not really be seeing your web page! Thus we find the importance of attorney SEO and other web marketing services.


A lot of people will say to advertise on Google using pay-per-click, ensuring youre at least listed as an advertisement when someone searches for a lawyer in your town. Nonetheless, this really is actually just throwing money at the situation, something that isnt ideal for smaller law firms. So, what else are you able to do to address this problem?


The answer lies in Search Engine Marketing, or SEO. SEO can radically improve how high up the search results your web site will show, by simply making your site more visible to the bots which crawl the web and index your site. The better these bots understand your web site and what search terms should link to your web site, the better off your PageRank and placement will likely maintain relevant search results.


Our Top 5 SEO suggestions for Lawyers:


Create a list of relevant search terms you want to target. Start with a list of about 20 search terms. Think of the services you offer, the place youre in, and clearly dont forget the fact youre a attorney or law firm.


Narrow down these search terms. Use Google Analytics to find the most widely used of your search terms, and focus on the most notable two or three. A targeted keyword will be longer and specific, including Insolvency Attorney in Miami, FL.


Make sure your web pages contain these terms. Make use of them in the title and occasionally in the content. For those who have images posted in your website, make sure that the picture name and description can be useful.


Have good backlinks. These backlinks contain reviews, so be sure to request happy clients to leave a review in your favored review service. Yelp is the most evident review site, however there are other websites, some of which are only for attorneys. Do some research to determine where both you along with your adversaries are being reviewed the most.


Dont create negative SEO or anything that will hit you back later on. You might have heard the expression, negative PR is still good PR! Well, this isnt like that. Google will down rate your results, and perhaps even temporarily remove you from their results for grievous violations. Examples of negative SEO are duplicate content from various other websites, duplicate web pages in your own personal website, and backlinks from lousy sites. Dont make an effort to compose your keywords 50 times in your page, because Google will see you trying to game the system, and certainly will punish you for this.


Hopefully, these SEO suggestions for attorneys are going to help improve your site, resulting in increased traffic and lead generation. As you can see, SEO for law firms is crucial and it should be one of the main things that you do in your marketing campaigns.


Have any more suggestions for all of the attorneys out there? Leave your own personal SEO strategies for attorneys in the comments below.

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