Hello, my name is Nolan Plunkett and I’m an attorney who specialized in bankruptcy law. I am now retired, but I loved my job and still enjoy talking about law and specifically bankruptcy law.

Working in law for over 30 years, I gained a lot of information that I hope to share with anyone willing to listen/learn. Now, it is more of a hobby to me to share my knowledge. I occasionally do consulting, but that is only when I get totally bored from traveling, tending to my rose garden and spending time with my family.

If you are a student of the law or a practicing lawyer, I encourage you to reach out to me, as I love making new friends and discussing interests. I am quite the extrovert (insert smiley face). Or if you like to travel and have a rose garden, as I do, please write me.

Thanks for visiting my blog and good day to you!

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