How Bankruptcy Led Me to Joey Crews

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Today was a stressful day for me. Filing for bankruptcy was not an easy decision. I used to be one of the successful businessmen in Anniston. I own a store that offers a huge array of dry goods. Business was doing great. I have like 50 employees and they were all properly compensated. In fact, I always give performance bonus every time we hit our quota for the day. My business was doing great for five years and in fact, it was able to purchase several properties because of my business – the house that I am living in right now, my car, my private beach resort, they were all the fruits of my business.

It was in the year 2014 when I started to feel the effect of recession. Business was not as fruitful as before. In fact, there are many times when we were not hitting our target sales for the day. There are breakeven days too. I was contemplating whether to continue the business and continue losing money or just totally shut down and declare bankruptcy. I can no longer sustain the expenses of my business. There are even times when the salary of my employees was delayed. I can no longer pay for the utility bills. My suppliers kept on hunting me because of unpaid transactions. The whole year was an exhausting and frustrating year. I can’t afford to lose my business because more than the profit, it has brought so many good things to me. There are a lot of memories to it. It made my life productive. It helped me and my family in so many ways. Now, I just don’t have a choice but to let it go. I filed for bankruptcy and it was a bittersweet experience for me.

I want to start anew. I met with Joey Crews, Anniston’s best real estate agent, because I am planning to sell my property there. I will use the money to pay my personal debts and the remaining money will be used to start a small business. Thankfully, the real estate agent that handled my transactions lived up to his reputation as the best in the business. He was very professional and was helpful to me in many ways. He asked for the legal documents and has my properties listed. Now, I have two prospect buyers. The agent assured me that he will do the best he can to sell my property at a favourable price. I couldn’t thank him enough for helping during this tough time of my life.

As they say, there will always be good times, bad times and worse times. I have reached my worse, so I am confident that from hereon, as long as I play my cards right and learn from my past mistakes, I will be able to rise above the rubbles and come back stronger. I may have to surrender some of the things that I worked so hard for, but I still have myself and my passion and drive, and no amount of bankruptcy can take that away from me.

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