From Bankruptcy to MyWebPal

People do not usually believe it, but I can testify that there is truth to the notion that behind every success story is a story of loss, struggle, hardships, and yes, bankruptcy.

While this does not happen for every successful person out there, it does happen to some, and I am able to hear those stories every once in a while, especially as a lawyer who handles bankruptcy cases.

One particular story is of a man from Atlanta, Georgia, who filed for bankruptcy for his water damage restoration company because he was not able to keep up with the demands of his market, as well as surpass his competition.

He admitted to me that he jumped at the business at a very premature way, which was why it almost came as no shock when he started struggling to get it going, until finally, it was just too much and it was going deeper and deeper in financial crisis that he could no longer find any way to save it, except file for bankruptcy.

Hearing these kinds of stories are really sad, and I have to deal with them with my everyday work. Seeing people strive hard to make their businesses succeed, only to fail because of difficult circumstances, brings out an everyday negative vibe.

But if there is one thing I also love about this job, it is the fact that it also has its fair share of survival stories, as well as stories of people who found a way to rise from their falls.

I managed to meet with the same client after two years during a convention, and there I was able to ask him how he was doing. He told me that he was doing great, and he has ventured into another business that is slowly reaching the success he has been striving for.

He has ventured into the online business and created a website called MyWebPal – Water Damage Atlanta. I found it very wise, indeed, because he still found a way to continue using his knowledge and skills in water damage, but instead of creating another restoration company, he mustered all that knowledge into creating a reputable website that provides help for people in a far wider scope. He not only provides information on water damage issues but also provides a list of reputable service companies that can help address these issues. Truly, he is an embodiment of “never say never.” He may have failed, but he found a way to rise from that failure and come out even stronger.

His story is something I always relay to my clients, as I hope to show them that despite a very large setback in their lives in the form of their bankruptcy, it will never be too late to start fresh and strive better at their next attempt at success.



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